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Zoom Bulk Meeting Scheduler Script

Recently I was working with a higher education client that was interested in an easier way to create Zoom meetings in bulk. I leveraged an existing project and made some very simple changes. The existing project was

A Excel spreadsheet with the Zoom meeting data is needed. It looks like this:

Group NameZoom UsernameTopicMeeting DateMeeting TimeDuration HrDuration MinMeeting URLMeeting IDPasscodeNumber of Times to Meet
Agenda 1<zoom user email>topic 12/22/2024160009012341
Agenda 2 <zoom user email>topic 22/22/202411301302

The Meeting URL and Meeting ID will be filled in in the output CSV file.

The code is available on GitHub.

Michael McCarthy

Michael is veteran software engineer and cloud computing aficionado. After starting his career as a Java software engineer, he evolved into a consultant, focusing first on enterprise content management and later on AWS. He is currently an AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect Associate, although he has held many more certifications in the past.

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