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Machine Image Management: A Brief Analysis

Machine image management is an old topic, but I think one worth revisiting. When automating server provisioning, how much do you put into the machine image and how much do you do at instance start time? Background Information First a bit of background. When provisioning servers in the cloud, you start from a machine image. In AWS terminology, this is called an Amazon Machine Image or AMI. Community AMIs are… Read More »Machine Image Management: A Brief Analysis

DevOps Automation, Why is it Important?

It may be obvious to some, but automation is a key concept when moving to the cloud from a data center or on-premises model. Imagine if you will that it is 1999. Data centers were the only real option for hosting large scale business applications. Often, system administrators would build and configure each server individually and manually. This was a time consuming and error prone process. The result was often… Read More »DevOps Automation, Why is it Important?

DevOps Lessons Learned from Leading a Global Application Platform Team

For two and a half years I was the technical lead responsible for the operational management of a global platform running a vendor provided software product for a Fortune 100 insurance company. That’s a mouthful. In simpler terms, we did DevOps for a vendor provided enterprise content management system. The team consisted of between 8-10 people, including 3-5 in Northern Ireland. This included a scrum master and product owner, so… Read More »DevOps Lessons Learned from Leading a Global Application Platform Team

What is Immutable Infrastructure?

Immutable infrastructure is the idea that your servers can not and do not change. As opposed to mutable infrastructure, where servers can and do change. Mutable servers are what everyone who has ever had to manage a physical server did. You can’t throw away your hardware and replace it every time you need to make an update. A system administrator would go in and manually or via script update, for… Read More »What is Immutable Infrastructure?