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Why You Should Work with an AWS Partner

Teamwork - Why You Should Work with an AWS Partner

As a cloud consulting company, we have worked with small and large organizations on a variety of projects. Some organizations have a do-it-yourself philosophy. They believe that they have technical resources and can learn skill sets they do not already have. If your organization falls into this category, I am here to tell you why you should work with an AWS partner on your project.

Total Cost of Ownership

It may seem counter intuitive that spending money on a consultant can lead to a lower cost overall. Here are a few reasons how an expert consultant can lead to lower overall costs:

  • Learning as you go may produce the same outcome, but your team will likely make some questionable design decisions early on that will require redesign or at a minimum re-coding. An expert can help you design things properly from the beginning.
  • There is no compression algorithm for experience. What appears to be a good idea based on research and careful design, may be flawed. Experience can show that a different way to do things works better.

Speed to Market

Speed to market is important to all organizations in all industries today. Taking the time to train and research the skills necessary to implement a project can cost valuable time. An expert consultant can accelerate the time to complete the project and either saving money or making money faster.


An expert consultant can at a minimum provide you with a functioning well designed completed project to use as a reference for future in house development. Ideally, the consultant can work side by side with your organization’s resources to train them as the project is being designed and developed.

The Network

An AWS Consulting Partner has been working in the ecosystem and has experience with other Technology Partners and contacts within AWS that can be invaluable. These connections can save time and money when looking for complimentary tools or services.

Industry Experience

Choosing a partner that has experience in your industry can save you time. Domain knowledge will save you the time of teaching the consultant how your business works. It can also lead to insights and solutions you may not have considered.

While this certainly is not an exhaustive list. This should provide some solid evidence for why you should work with an AWS partner for your next project. Keep in mind that even if you have experience in cloud technologies or AWS specifically, often a consultant with experience in the exact area of your project will provide a return. For example, if you have been developing and hosting web applications for years and want to do a machine learning project, your cloud experience won’t be very useful.

This post was inspired by a post by Lydia Leong at Gartner.

Michael McCarthy

Michael is veteran software engineer and cloud computing aficionado. After starting his career as a Java software engineer, he evolved into a consultant, focusing first on enterprise content management and later on AWS. He is currently an AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect Associate, although he has held many more certifications in the past.