re:Invent comes early this year. Cloud ninjas and the like will descend upon Las Vegas starting this weekend. Will I see you there? I sure hope so. If not, here is a consolation prize. My top ten list why everyone should attend AWS re:Invent. Use this as motivation to ensure that you buy a ticket for 2016.

Reason 10: It's Vegas baby! Even if you do not like Vegas, re:Invent gives you a reason to like it. 'Nuf said.

Reason 9: re:Invent Pub Crawl. Now, I have yet to meet anyone who has made it to all the Pub Crawl stops, but that does not mean you shouldn't try.

Reason 8: AWS swag. If you love AWS and you love swag, this is your big chance. I'm *hoping* for AWS sweatpants this year to go along with my hoodie and track jacket.

Reason 7: AWS peeps. Yep, each year it's great to run into those peeps you see once year. While they may only be "once-a-year-friends" you party your hearts out together. Memories...

Reason 6: The sessions. Ok sure, I know there are quite a few smarty pants types out there at re:invent, but for us mere mortals, the sessions are top notch. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Reason 5: re:Invent Central. Holy guacamole Batman! Each year the expo hall grows and grows. New companies, new ideas, and tons of swag. It's a win/win. And this year they are going to build a Cloud Ninja out of Legos!

Reason 4: Food. zOMG. Buffets and excellent's a good thing you end up walking miles each day.

Reason 3. re:Play. I know, shocker, the party isn't number one the list. It's hard to imagine who will top Deadmus and Skrillex but you know it's going to happen. AWS throws an amazing party, everyone should go once.

Reason 2: Keynotes with Andy Jassy and Werner Vogels. It's hard to describe what it's like to watch them announce new services that disrupt the technology world. I wonder what it feels like to make history each year? Awesome, that's how it feels. And you get to be a part of it at the keynote.



Wait for it...

Reason 1: The energy. I don't mean everyone is amped up on RedBull energy. I mean psychic energy (yes, I just found a way to insert Jung into this). The energy of re:Invent is one that does not happen at most conferences. The creativity, the pushing of the limits, the back and forth discussions and whiteboarding, startups's quite magical and an amazing experience!

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